what different types of pianos for sale are there available!
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Baby grand pianos come in different sizes, styles and designs and they exist in basically two genres of vertical and horizontal pianos. Vertical pianos are so called because of their height and basically because of the positioning of their strings. The predominant height for vertical pianos for sale varies between 36 to 60 inches and classically, there are four types of vertical pianos. They include the spinet which is a piano that is commonly used in apartments with limited space. The height of the spinet is between 36 to 38 inches and the width about 58 inches.

The console is also another type of the vertical piano and it is produced with enhanced tones. The next here is the studio which is larger and popularly used in musical schools and produces highly refined tones. The last of them is the upright piano which happens to be the longest and it is the oldest of the vertical class and it’s commonly used by old ones.

The horizontal pianos that are available with piano hire are also known as grand pianos and they have six classifications which include the petite, baby, medium, parlor, semi concert and the concert grands respectively.

It is to be noted that each of these pianos including steinway pianos have their unique features too.

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